Sara Travis 

Fine Art macro Photographer   & Mixed Media Artist

I have been creative my whole life, starting quite young with sewing and making random things and over the years I have taught myself more (and more!) techniques and forms of art. I remember being 10 years old and making a life size puppet, that I then used to force my family to watch a puppet show. I have always been weird and my art can move in some odd directions, but I am at my happiest when I am creating.

Whether it be through my photography, art, writing or what I create with my hands, art and creation in all forms is my true passion. In the past few years I have been lucky to work with and learn from an amazing friend and professional photographer Jamie-Lee Ward.It has enabled me to take my art to photography and editing, and discover new ways to see the world. My inspiration comes from many genres, though my favorites are macro, nature,architecture and landscapes.

On the other side of Sara Travis Studios, I am a Maker and creator, who works with mostly natural, recycled, upcycled or re-configured dollar store items. Boy do I love that dollar store. Creating doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and I have far too much fun finding creative ways to make things. I am currently Making custom fantasy headpieces, “armor” (decorative only), cosplay/rp/larp/fantasy props, walking sticks, natural art and occasionally whatever inspiration strikes for a random item.

Below you can find my “official” experience, and if you have any questions or wish to collaborate, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can find a form below, or visit my contact page.


My Experience –

  • 35 years of crafting/art/creating experience and study (always learning!).
  • 3 years of photography experience (technically 30, but a lot of those years I was pretty average at it)
  • 10 years of graphic design and editing programs experience
  • 21 years of marketing experience
  • 15 years of small business experience
  • 6 years of business management experience
  • Research nerd, I do it for fun!
  • 30 years of writing experience (since I was a youngin’)
  • 27 years of editing (writing, resumes, essays, etc) experience
  • 6 years modeling experience


Contact Me



    My Team

    Jamie-Lee Ward

    My mentor, muse, model, cheerleader, all around helper and best friend. I have known and worked with Jamie for eight years and we will always work together in one way or another. We can’t help it! Find her on Instagram  (click the name for a link!) –  @photolady4life or @the_bashful_daisyboy

    My favorite behind the scenes photo of all time, of my amazing team Jamie and Shay


    Shay Hetherington

    My official (and favorite) model, I have worked with Shay for three years. She is an amazing person, model and friend. Find her on Instagram –   @uncultured_tea_cup (click here or on picture for link)

    My Family

    I could not do anything without the love and support of my family. I am so grateful to my other half Doug, and our beautiful daughters Isabella and Liz for all they do to help me. (Including being forced into modeling and holding random glued things, love you guys…)