Hello world! Welcome to the Page of Spam Grabs!

Hello World! Welcome to the Page of Spam Grabs!

While I was building and tweaking my site, this wonderful auto generated blog post sat here, open to the big wide world. “Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!”, it said, not knowing what it had gotten itself into. Comments started to trickle in, and I was MORE than amused to see them. It was the usual spam, trash and random porn links that we have come to know and love from having any presence on the internet. Usually, when I write my first blog, I delete this auto post (because.. everyone does) and move along in life. I ignore the comments and delete the spam that comes into my admin, laughing to myself from time to time as the really weird or funny ones pop up. I have always wanted to make a post or place to put them up, but have often been too lazy to. Well, 2021 is the time to change that. The truly weird offers, comments and other random things I get I will screen grab and add to this post so we can all have a giggle. Please feel free to comment below if you are a real person! Please remember, there is literally no information in this post or the original post what so ever. I may try to answer questions if I can. Let’s see if any of them ever actually look…  (P.S. I’m being very sarcastic.)


Thanks Mobile Legends hacker. The information was sooo great…

But.. what did they do? Seems mean…and do I know this account? IS IT MINE?! Cause they just banned Trump.. heheheh

Thanks Porn Pics! You too.

I love what I tend to be up to as well. Well.. thanks *blushes* I try,  I mean my work IS amazeballs. Thanks for the blogroll add!

I mean, wow.. profound. Thanks. No words.

Dildok3 is back with more praise! Damn I am good it seems. Wait a second.. is that a different email….

Well Erotik, I guess it depends on the content you are using. Considering Wikipedia’s information is usually entered by literally anyone, you may want to actually verify it to be true before thinking that Wiki has it right. I mean, you could get into trouble for that. The main thing you want to do is make sure you use quotations for any Wiki entries you may add to your blog and attribute any authors. Hope that helps!

Thanks Porno.. wait.. your email looks a lot like Erotik’s. ARE YOU THE SAME BOT?!

Erotik is back with some criticism. I mean, CC is always appreciated but did I need to be told twice? I mean, photo copyright is kind of part of my biz, you know? But I hear you man. Wait… HOW MANY EROTIK PORNOS ARE THERE!

Wait a second……. *scrolls up* Wha..? *scrolls down* Hmn…. Maybe these ones are dodgy. I am disappointed Mobile Legends Hack. Disappointed.


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